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Classes for this semester

We will continue doing the same time on Thursdays – 8:15 pm, at Huan’s studio at YWCA, 7 Temple St, Cambridge, MA.

You are also welcome to come to any of the other classes at his studio – check out the schedule at . Huan recommended Mondays (both Tong Bei, which is an external martial art, and Tai Chi – internal – together they give a good balance) and Thursdays for beginners.

You are very welcome to come even if you missed some classes!

First class this term!!


Our first practice Fall 2016 will be on Thursday October 27. We are meeting in Lobby 7 at 7:50pm to head over to Huan’s studio together – which is just a short walk to central square. It will be a 1-hour Tai Chi class, finishing at 9:15 pm. Come by and check it out – complete beginners are very welcome (and most people will be)!

Hope to see you there!